ReliOx Whiff! System

Blue Star will be using the ReliOx Whiff! System to sterilize each unit upon arrival and before departure from our facility.

This policy will be followed for:

  • New units (From Blue Bird & Girardin)
  • Trade-In / Lease units
  • Units coming in for service work
  • Units coming in for maintenance
There will be a $40 fee associated with each sterilization


What Details Can you Provide about Whiff!

  • Strongest Selective oxidizer discovered or developed
  • Inactivates chemicals responsible for bad odor
  • 2.6x more oxidative than bleach, yet safe for all surfaces at prescribed levels
  • Fast Oxidation reaction time
  • It's a gas - gets where humans usually can't reach

How Does CLO2 work? 

  • CLO2 steals electrons, This is commonly called oxidation. Oxidation is a reaction
  • By stealing an electron it fundamentally changes the donor which can no longer exist
  • The oxidation proceeds in a domino fashion, happening very quickly; usually in under 60 seconds.

Is It Safe?

  • Yes - for humans, animals & the environment
  • Minimal PPE needed at prescribed levels
  • Selective oxidizer - It selects electron rich targets
  • Non persistent - it leaves behind no harsh chemicals or odors
  • Non mutagenic - it rapidly alters chemistry
  • Green - it meets the 12 principals of green chemistry
  • Click here for the data safety sheet