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Individual Components

Air Conditioning

Compressors, condensers, evaporators, motors and other A/C components from leading suppliers including Bergstrom, Dreisen, Manex, Northern and more! Sorted by Item Type, and Item Description.

Air System

Arvin Meritor, Bendix and other brand items. Includes air control valves, air compressors, air dryers and many more air related components.

Audio Visual

Audio and video components by Custom Radio, REI and more! Sorted by Item Type, and Item Description.


A collection of frequently ordered tie rods, kingpins, and related axle components. Also included are linkages, steering gears and steering column items. Call your Blue Bird Authorized Parts Dealer for the complete range of OE axle replacement parts.

Belts | Gates™

A selection of high-demand serpentine and vee belts by The Gates Corporation. Listed with corresponding other-brand part numbers.


Some of the highest-demand latches, locks, handles and hinges for interior and exterior access panels and compartments on Blue Bird buses.

Cooling System

Radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, and related common-replacement items.

Northern By Brand

Lookup Northern replacement radiators by other-brand part numbers. 

Crossing, Stop Arms & Roof Hatches

High demand replacement components for crossing arms, stop arms, and roof hatches manufactured by Specialty Manufacturing, Inc.

Decals & Markings

A collection of school bus decals, markings, reflectors and reflective tapes. Also available are Blue Bird name plates.


Service items for doors such as handles, door stops and controls, hinges, latches, and locks. Also included are high demand replacement glass and window seals.


Drive shaft midship bearings, yoke ends and u-joints with related hardware


An extensive selection of switches, relays, solenoids, circuit protection, back up alarms, flashers, sensors and other common electrical items including connectors and terminals. 


Fire extinguishers, triangular warning kits, and emergency tools.

First Aid | Certified Saftey

State specific first aid and body fluid kits. Also included are kit refill items.

Engine Heaters | Espar

Common service items for Espar heaters such as burners, glow pins, blowers, fuel pumps, and control modules.

Engine Heaters | Webasto

Blowers, Combustion, Control Modules, Fuel System, Fuel Filters, Hardware, Seals, Ignition, Motors, Pumps, Sensors, Thermostats, Timers, Tools

Engine Trim

Alternators, Starters and related items including belt tensioners and pulleys. Also included are transmissions and related items.


Frequently ordered Blue Bird exhaust pipes, band clamps, V band, u-bolt clamps and brackets.


Air filters, air dryer cartridges, coolant filters, DEF filters, fuel filters, transmission filters, filter bases and related items.

Filters | Donaldson®

Top selling Donaldson air, engine oil, fuel, hydraulic and transmission filters.

Filters | Donaldson® | By Brand

An easy to use cross-reference for lookup of Donaldson filter by other-brand part numbers.


Floor coverings both smooth and ribbed. Aisle trim and step treads.

Fuel System

Fuel tank assemblies, vents and mounting items. CNG valves and heaters.

Fuel System | Roush CleanTecH®

Items specific to the popular Blue Bird Propane Vision, powered by Ford / Roush.


Clamps, grommets, fasteners, locks and latches.


Auxiliary heaters, auxiliary pumps, control items, heater cores, motors and valves by Bergstrom, Northern and other manufacturers.


Gauges and clusters by Actia, Ametek, Teleflex and other brands. Senders and warning light monitors.

Light Assemblies

Light assemblies from Arrow Safety, Baader Brown, Grote, Peterson, Truck-Lite and many more.

Light Bulbs

Replacement bulbs for all applications. Easily identified by industry number.

Light Harnesses

Replacement light assembly harnesses for Aeroflash, Peterson, and Truck-Lite and more.

Light Lenses

Replacement lenses and related items for all popular light manufacturers.


Mirror assemblies and replacement arms, braces, glass and mounts. Sun visors and mirror control switches.


Bostrom, National and other makes replacement items. Repair tape, seat hardware and seat belts.

Seat Covers

Besi and CE White seat covers sorted by bus make and year.

Shop Supplies

Bird Bath cleaning products, sealants, adhesives, loom, air brake tubing, shrink tubing, and personal protection.

Special Needs

Wheelchair restraints, tracks, special hardware, belts, harnesses, and more from industry leaders Sure-Lok® and Q Straint®.


Air springs, leaf springs, shocks, hardware and leveling valves by Hendrickson, Meritor and other brands.


CAC pressure tester, HVAC tools, crimping, pin extraction, ABS diagnostic and cutting tools.

Traction Chains | OnSpot®

Onspot traction replacement chains, bearings, bolt kits, air solenoids, and angle joint.


Blower assemblies, blower motors, wheels, fan blades, controls, auxiliary fans, louvers, and return air filters.

Wheel Ends

Meritor, Bendix and other brand brake drums, rotors, brake shoes, pads, slack adjusters, ABS sensors, bearings, hardware, seals and gaskets.

Brakes | Performance Friction®

Performance Friction brake rotors and brake pads. 

Performance Friction® | By Vehcile

Performance Friction applications by vehicle make and year.

Performance Friction® | By Brand

A cross-reference for lookup of Performance Friction items by other-brand part numbers.

Brakes | Webb Wheel®

Webb brake drums and rotors, parking brake drums, wheel hubs, ABS rings and hardware.

Webb Wheel® | By Brand

A cross-reference for lookup of Webb items by other-brand part numbers.

Wheel Covers | Phoenix USA®

Stainless Steel Wheel Liners,Hub Covers, Lug Nut Covers and Valve Stem Extenders.


Windshields, replacement window glass and related seals.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers, motors, and shaft assemblies, blades, cranks, and valves control. Cranks, pivots, switches, washers, and windshield hardware. 


Blue Bird's offerings of new and remanufactured injectors, turbochargers, water pumps, DPF’s, oil coolers, high pressure oil pumps, fuel pumps and more!