Blue Star Warranty Procedure

Please follow the guidelines outlined below 

1 ) Notify Blue Star First

        Upon arrival of a potential warrantable repair needed to a Blue Bird bus, you must contact the Warranty Administrator at Blue Star. Failure to begin the process with Blue Star may end up in denial of any prior troubleshooting and diagnostic work performed.

        In order to begin this process you must submit your initial claim on our website. You can find the login HERE.

        If you do not have a login at this time - contact our Warranty department by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

2) Diagnostic Troubleshooting

        You need to have the Body # when you submit your claim. If covered, we will provide instructions on documentation, parts, SRT & pictures.

        Documentation - We will provide any documents needed for repair

        Parts - We will provide details on quantity, availability, ETA

        SRT - Blue Star cannot provide compensation beyond the Service Repair Time that is supplied by the manufacturer.

        Pictures - We may ask for pictures for warranty approval

3) Perform Repair + Complete Paperwork

    Complete the repair in accordance with the documentation, parts & SRT provided. If there are any issues while performing the repair, contact the Warranty Administrator immediately. Failure to communicate with Blue Star throughout the repair process may lead to denial of extra time & labor charges.

        You will need to provide Blue Star with the invoice for the repair. It must have Body # or V.I.N. & Mileage referenced on the invoice. Failure to provide the invoice with included information within 10 business days may lead to an extended timeframe for Blue Star to issue payment.

Manufacturer Warranty Policies

Blue Bird

Standard Limited Policy

Bronze Policy

Silver Policy

Gold Policy




Roush CleanTech - Gasoline

Roush CleanTech - Propane








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